About it

You’ll get access to 3 daily modules containing powerful Language accelerating training presentations, corresponding downloadable workbooks (when available or its Power Point in pdf format)  so you can follow along, audio MP3 downloads so you can listen to on the go and a step by step exercise worksheets where we’ll walk you through the exact Language Learning blueprint outlined in each Presentation to ensure maximum results.

We’ll go through each of these modules together, one at a time, to make sure you avoid getting stuck in information overload, and instead stay on purpose and on track!

I know we’re all busy and so our team have designed Polyglot Congress to make achieving your dreams to learn a new language EASIER, so its’ all laid out in small, very easy to absorb bite size chunks.

At the end of each presentation you’ll get 30 minutes of Q&A  to move closer and closer towards your goals and dreams…

And I’ll be watching how you go and if you need extra help, the speaker will personally follow up with you by email to help keep you on track moving forwards (this service can be charged).

You’ll have direct access to me, Jimmy Mello, as your coach, I’ll be in there answering your questions and making sure you’re moving forward, towards your number 1 goal: be a polyglot or/and learn any foreign language.

Every 90 days we’ll be holding a new Polyglot Congress, to get deeper into learning, and to answer questions posted inside the community forum.

Note: we’ll record them in case you miss them (I know times zones can suck lol).

Remember the Online Polyglot Congress is specifically designed to make achieving success in language learning easy for you.