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The congress will take place inside the Facebook group, Polyglots (The Community) or straight to the main website As it’s entirely online the speakers will be at their place and using the new available tool called “Facebook live” will deliver his/her speech.

Each presentation will last 60 minutes, after we will open 30 minutes for questions to be answered online, after more 30 minutes will be open for light talks delivered by the attendees adding their own perspective or experience about the topic. So the presenter will have only to prepare 50-60 minutes.

We are preparing a schedule that will be available on PDF and HTML version where people can be online to watch the live presentation. We have 3 days, 72 hours available, so you can choose the best time according to your time zone (I just need to know where you are, so that I can put it in 4 main time zones).

We are 26,000 members in the group so they will be informed about the events. During these 72 hours only the presenters will be able to post things, so that we can keep yourselves more focused on the Congress.